1. CCIM has the responsibility to uplift the forgotten traditions and practices of Ayurveda. The new gazette notification shows the ignorance shown towards the branch of Agadtantra by the CCIM. There is no internship training for the young budding doctors in the field of vishatantra. Downgrading Agadtantra to the mere teaching and practice of Forensic medicine is detrimental. Please awake;…………..This science has more potential than what we think. Atleast do not trim its wings. Let it be there…….

    • I am agree with you sir.. I think we should come together under one National Association of Agadatantra so that we can put such matters over the right Desk..

  2. Regards
    All the practicals of Samhita Dept. have been ignored. Samhitas part of Ayurveda contains all the Basic Principles of Ayurveda (Base for all the other subjects) as the dept. concerned
    concerned Authorities should rethink about it.

  3. It is a matter to be welcomed that the teaching/ learning hours of Agadtantra has increased in the new syllabus. But the inclusion of this subject among the non-clinical subjects, totally drain off the importance in learning Agadtantra. Whatever are mentiontionede under this heading are of clinical importance. In many states, under ISM dept, Agadatantra specialists are there. The new syllabus is shutting off the door to entry in the feild of Agadatantra. The marks (practical) awarded is also giving a message that there is nothing to do in this feld practically which is a wrong notion. The clinical part of agadtantra not only deals with envenomations, zoonotic diseases, environmental toxicology, but also drug reactions, abnormal interactions of body towards particular substance. Even the pharmacovigilence part of agadatantra is not reflected in the drafting of the entire plan of BAMS syllabus. Disappointing

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